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IPsens designs, develops, and deploys state of the art parking guidance solutions that strive to Make Parking Friendly.


Mission: Our Mission is to generate and deliver valuable information to drivers to “Make Parking Friendly” while generating important new value-added functionality and data for our customers and parking operators in the process.

Vision: A company passionate about the idea of producing accurate and valuable management intelligence in the world of connected devices.


IPsens Launches Proven Solution Into Market

IPsens enters its proven solution into the marketplace with projects in 5 states and ranging across the parking & transportation industries. From Shop & Go parking management at mixed-use University developments, helping to facilitate proper use and turnover rates for both residents and shop owners, to Rest Area Truck Parking Management providing real-time parking availability information to over-the-road truckers for rest planning and compliance that helps keep our highways safe, IPsens parking solutions fit the needs of the marketplace. 


Pre-Launch Testing of New Sensor Solution

IPsens conducts exploratory pilot testing with the NYDOT in the Bronx, N.Y. deploying sensors in on-street parking. 5 Years of on-street testing leads to important new developments and improvements of both sensor hardware and hosted application development, based on actual field experience. Developments included our patented solution using sensors in non-delineated parking spaces and the partner development of a flush-mounted sensor able to withstand severe winter weather throughout the entire test period. 

IPsens conducts exploratory pilot testing with the FLDOT and FIU Florida International University at the Leon Co. Rest stop on I-10. The pilot leads to the development of many application developments, such as a predictive algorithm for parking and our patented algorithm for multiple sensor array deployment in truck lanes.


IPS & Tuxen Integrated Systems form Joint Venture Company IPsens, LLC

IPsens was formed between IPS and Tuxen Integrated Systems based on a long-time business relationship between the founders of each of these companies. IPS with its solid foundation as an established software development company in the parking industry and Tuxen Integrated Systems with years of experience in integrated data systems design development and deployment formed the perfect partnership for the future.


Frontline Systems Renamed Integrated Parking Solutions "IPS" as the Joint Venture Company with Duncan Industries Ends

IPS launches its first bid for the development of a completely integrated Parking Enforcement System for the NYC Police Department. IPS wins this bid and continues to work with NYPD as a trusted partner. The New York City Parking Enforcement System continues to be the largest of its kind in the world.


Frontline Systems & Duncan Industries form Joint Venture Company, Duncan Management Solutions (DMS)​

Frontline Systems joins the world's largest parking meter company Duncan Industries to become the development partner for the first integrated parking systems data management platform. Integrating revenue and maintenance data from parking meters with data from parking enforcement and general parking operations. The partnership launches "Integrated Systems" as a brand new standard for on-street parking operations world-wide. 

Software solutions are deployed in New York City, Washington D.C., Los Angeles and many other cities in the United States and around the world.


IPsens Founded as Frontline Systems in Kalamazoo, MI

Frontline operated as an IBM partner with particular focus on the development of software for the accounting community. Migrated into the development of specialized software for Parking Enforcement using handheld citation issuance devices.

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