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IPsens Certified Hardware Components

IPsens design turnkey solutions incorporate "best of breed" hardware components. Each of these products has been proven to be reliable, accurate, and durable for long-term installation in challenging parking environments. These hardware components have earned their status as they have been deployed worldwide for years. These products also represent the leading edge in parking guidance technology and as such complement the IPsens solutions perfectly.

Ground Sensors

Single Space Ground Sensors

Operate as a part of highly efficient, wireless infrastructure connecting the components directly to the cloud-hosted IPsens solutions through the web.

Flush Mounted
In-Ground Sensor

Uniquely designed to withstand severe stresses and environmental fluctuations experienced in a roadway. 

Surface Mounted
Above-Ground Sensor

Designed to easily adhere to structural concrete surfaces without damage to the substructure.


Garage Light Sensors

Installed as a component of a hardwired, suspended rail system, terminated to a local controller which connects it to the cloud-hosted IPsens solutions.

Overhead Mounted Ultrasonic Sensor

Features ultrasonic sensing as a means to detect vehicles parked below it.

Provides for a wide array of programmable colors to indicate status and classification of parked vehicles.

Highly visible LEDs from long distances.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Detects vehicle license plates at entry and egress points as vehicles pass by. The camera connects to the cloud-hosted IPsens solutions through a local area network, or as a stand-alone edge device.

ANPR Sensor

Features built-in whitelist and blacklist of license plates, allowing for stand-alone access control of known user groups.

Built-in software eliminating continuous fees, along with analyzer and IR illuminator.

Reading range at 6.5 ft. - 33 ft.

Can be networked with multiple ANPR readers.

Disclaimer: No personally identifiable information (PII) is compiled inside this device during plate capture or externally when data is compiled within the IPsens cloud host.

Signage Systems

Designed to be integrated both inside and outside of the garage structures in addition to operating as wayfinding solutions to a parking site. Signage can be connected either through local area network or wirelessly through a cell connection to the cloud-hosted IPsens solutions.

LED Signage

Features many different configurations all utilizing very bright LED signal components.

Provides real-time occupancy information.

Clearly visible, even during daylight hours and inclement weather.

Systems can be built starting with one sign to highly complex configurations.

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