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System Overview

Know Where The Parking Is Then Guide People To It

As drivers approach or enter a campus they are faced with the need to make way-finding decisions. 

If they are familiar with the campus, they may have a plan. But even the best plans can be upturned by unexpected volumes of vehicles or changes in parking policies and infrastructure. If they are unfamiliar with the campus, they may be searching for building names and directions as well as trying to assess available parking. That is a lot to handle. 

But with the IPsens Guidance & Management solutions, drivers simply follow signs that are continuously updated with real-time parking data to be directed to open parking. So how do we know?


How We Know What Spaces Are Occupied

We use real-world-tested & proven technology to detect space occupancy in real-time and then relay that information to Variable Message Signage (VMS) to guide people directly to available parking. 

We have tested and re-tested multiple types of sensing technology and only use best-of-breed hardware to ensure that we are building our system on a strong foundation of solid data. 

To detect vehicle presence in open-air spaces, either in-ground or surface-mounted sensors are placed to detect a vehicle's presence when a driver parks over them. Ultrasonic sensors are mounted in the ceilings of garages, when applicable, and can sense when a vehicle parks beneath them.

Space level parking occupancy detector

Each sensor (or space in the event of a multiple sensor scenario) is uniquely identified within the system and charted onto our GIS platform for access via our maps for admin purposes. 

Within the monitored area, administrators are able to see available and occupied spaces as well as parkers that may be in violation of over-stay. They are able to set policies for that area depending on the time of day, day of the week, or special events. 

Overstay lists can then be generated and enforcement policies enacted at the administrator's discretion. 


Both types of sensors are very accurate and are able to detect a vehicle presence within approximately 30 seconds of a vehicle being parked, triggering a parking "event". When the event is initiated it is also time-stamped and that information, as well as the space location enters into the system. 

Lots Are Assigned to Zones to Manage for Specific Needs

As lots are arranged into zones, the overall picture of the operation comes into focus. 

As there are often a multitude of various types of users in a particular setting, there can also be a multitude of policies that need to be applied to different zones, different times and different days of the week. 


Our Software Solutions Bring It All Into View Through A Single Interface


Designed to meet the needs specific to our clients, each of our solutions is operated through our software solutions that provide direct visibility and administrative control over the entire parking operation.

With the power to run reports, set policy, view real-time occupancy data and a live GIS map, the IPsens software brings it all home through the convenient interface.

Data Integration And Sharing Through Open IP


Generate data at every individual parking space using our state-of-the-art, proven sensor hardware technology.


Share and Integrate data directly with every space and/or from open 3rd party data sources such as parking revenue machines, mobile payment systems and parking enforcement systems using our open API.


Process data from one or all of the integrated data sources, to allow for truly comprehensive data content to process and cross-reference in an amazing fashion, using one single cloud application.


We deliver the most comprehensive cloud-based parking data solutions for the verticals we serve, based on many years of providing truly relevant data in an easy to operate fashion.



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