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Commerical Real Estate Parking

Customers aren't coming to our mall because they can't find parking.

In today's eCommerce environment, successful shopping centers have discovered that they need to compete not only in the realms of price and product availability, but also in the realm of experience.  The last thing brick and mortar shopping centers can afford is to have the experience they provide mired by the hassles of finding parking.  And they don't have to. 


The IPsens ShopPark solution provides a smooth and seamless parking experience that can transform the ordeal of finding open parking into the simple act of following clear, easy to understand signs that guide them directly to open parking. So your visitors, your guests, employees, and staff can luxuriate in the joy of Friendly Parking without the pain of searching for an open space.

Plus, ShopPark provides property administrators and facilities managers the tools and reports to track, target, and understand and optimize the use of their parking assets.  As well as reducing lot congestion and improving traffic flow throughout the parking facility,  it also provides management insights and predictive analytics to help managers prepare and meet the seasonal challenges of shopping center parking management.

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