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Our Process


Operation Review

The cornerstone of a good parking operation starts with good parking policy. No amount of technology can augment a bad policy. So, the first thing we do is review your policy to see if there are any operational opportunities to improve. Once we’re done with reviewing, editing, and issuing a revised policy, we develop a plan to support the policy. The plan will be contained in the solution (the software and hardware).

Solution Design


Component Selection

We design solutions that incorporate our certified, best of breed parking guidance hardware. We understand that not every system fits all, so we can patchwork and integrate different types of hardware to make it the most cost-efficient and functional for your specific purposes. Our certified solutions include open space parking sensors, in garage lights, a vehicle counting system, license plate recognition, and directional signage.

Software Platform

At IPsens, we have developed a hardware-agnostic, cloud-hosted data platform that connects to different front-end technologies through APIs. We can connect and integrate with any hardware’s software to compile all the data for visualization to the operator and general public all on one platform. Administrators see real-time and historical occupancy, reports on turnover, predictive demand calculations, and other data parameters. The IPsens platform is scalable from a small installation to a global, enterprise operation using the GIS data platform.


Installation Supervision

The IPsens' technical team carefully monitors every step of the process once a project is initiated. The process starts with close coordination of all project requirements with our software, hardware, and installation partner teams. We make sure that customer requirements are clearly understood across our team.

Prior to the delivery of a new system, our technical team, in conjunction with our partners, will conduct a final site certification to ensure that the solution has been implemented to meet our stringent quality requirements.



Maintenance Monitoring

IPsens offers continuous monitoring of your system as a service option. Using our advanced maintenance monitoring application which automatically monitors key diagnostic system indicators 24/7.


As parking sensor systems become increasingly wireless, it is imperative to monitor connectivity, up-time,   data transmission latency, and battery levels to ensure maximum operability of the system at all times. Hardware malfunction outages are automatically reported on and sorted by severity on our in-house monitoring system. Our operators will examine, diagnose and attempt remote repair actions as a first step. If the system's problems cannot be resolved remotely, a repair order will be issued to the local service partner for your area.


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