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Making Cities Smart: Considering the Catalysts for Technology Adoption 

- By Gorm Tuxen/June 2020
Featured in "Parking Today"


“Recently, a drive to add more technology solutions in order to improve the function of municipalities has become a pervasive reality. A drive to make cities of all sizes more efficient. A drive to make them more effective, more responsive, and better connected to the people who live and work in them and the systems that are used to manage them. A desire to improve their ability to respond to the needs of the inhabitants and the patterns and behaviors of groups and individuals. In a word, a drive to make them “smarter”.” (read full article)

Keeping Parking Facilities Safe During a Pandemic- By Bill Smith/June 2020
Featured in "Parking Today" pg. 48


“There's really no reason for people to have to touch anything when they enter or exit a parking garage," says Gorm Tuxen, president of IPsens. "Long-range RFID and LPR technologies have become so advanced that cars can enter and exit with barely a tap of the breaks.” (read full article)

IPsens, LLC’s Patented Software Algorithm Leads in Parking Management - By Bill Smith/May 27, 2020
Featured on/in "Yahoo Finance", "Business Wire", "Associated Press", "ABC", "Apple News", "Silicon Valley Daily", "Boston Herald", "Bloomberg Mobile", and others.

One-of-a-Kind Solution is Capable of Managing Non-Delineated Parking

IPsens, LLC a leading provider of parking guidance software, is proud to announce the installation of its state-of-the-art, patented parking management solutions in several installations around the U.S. The patented algorithms (PATENT NO. US 9,595,194 B1 & US 8,692,688 B1) and their associated, innovative software approach tracks, reports, and provides guidance information for non-delineated parking in a variety of installation types and scenarios. (read full article)

Opening Up Your Parking Technology for Improvement - By Gorm Tuxen/December 2019
Featured in"The Parker" pg. 16


“The parking industry has become extraordinarily technology-centric in recent years. Advanced parking guidance technology can be found in many parkades and when added in with PARCS equipment, (that can securely accept a litany of payment types and work with Bluetooth, BLE, and other data exchange technologies) and technologies like license plate recognition (LPR) and automatic vehicle identification (AVI), parkades have become highly sophisticated operations that are taking advantage of a host of technologies.” (read full article)

Gorm Tuxen: An IP Champion Striving to Make Parking More User Friendly -December 2019
Featured in "Parking Today" pg. 24


“Gorm Tuxen has been a parking industry fixture and champion of using software to improve the parking experience since the early 90s. A native of Denmark, Tuxen joined Duncan Management Solutions in 1991 and eventually made his way to Branson, Missouri where he founded Tuxen & Associates, and later, IPsens. Nearly 30 years since joining the parking industry, Tuxen is a leader of the Open IP movement, which aims to make parking software more useful and powerful by letting owners and operators customize their technology.” (read full article)

Campus Parking Trends - By Bill Smith/November 2019
Featured in "Spaces4Learning"


“Parking can be a headache for colleges and universities. It’s not always easy to provide convenient parking to potentially thousands of students, faculty, staff, and visitors day after day. However, in recent years, a number of new technologies have been introduced to make parking more user-friendly and manageable, and campuses have benefited greatly from these advances.” (read full article)

Washington Regional Medical Center Manages Multiple User Groups with INDECT's Intelligent PGS - By Kate Fowler/October 28, 2019
Featured on "Parking Network"


“INDECT has worked with IPsens on a number of parking guidance projects where we have successfully integrated the NEDAP sensor into the INDECT system but this was the first time that it was done in reverse,” said Stephen Evans, General Manager at INDECT USA. “This time, we supplied the sensors and IPsens took care of the rest. They were completely responsible for the integration, installation, and commissioning of the system and they’ve done a great job.” (read full article)

The Suite Smell of Parking Success - By Gorm Tuxen/August 16, 2019
Featured in "Real Estate Journal"


Parking is an invaluable asset for developers and building owners. Well-designed and implemented parking resources increase any property’s value, while poorly conceived parking can undermine the same property. Fortunately for owners and developers, the parking industry is in the midst of a technology renaissance that is making parking more user-friendly and manageable than ever before. Recent years have seen the introduction of an abundance of... (read full article)

The Internet of Things and The Future of Parking - By Bill Smith/July 2019
Featured in "Parking & Mobility Magazine"

YOU MAY NOT HAVE HEARD OF THE INTERNET OF THINGS (IOT), or perhaps you’ve heard of it but aren’t really sure what it is. If you aren’t familiar with the IoT, it’s time to acquaint yourself with the topic because chances are it’s already affecting your day-to-day life. (read full article)

Opening Up Parking Management Technology - By Gorm Tuxen/January 14, 2019
Featured in "The Parking Professional"

AS THE PARKING INDUSTRY HAS GROWN more technology-centric in recent years, software has become increasingly important. Today, the industry revolves around technology. Owners and operators rely on parking access and revenue control systems to... (read full article)

Making Highways Safer with Parking Technology - By Gorm Tuxen/January 2019
Featured in "Parking Today"

Technology has transformed the parking industry in recent years, and now some of the same technologies that make parking more user-friendly and manageable are being used to make our highways safer.

Anyone who has spent considerable time driving America’s highways knows how dangerous fatigued driving can be. Approximately one in every five fatal motor vehicle crashes involves driver fatigue, and a third of crashes involving a drowsy driver also result in injuries. (read full article)

A High-Tech Solution to Long-Standing Problem - By Gorm Tuxen/November 19, 2018
Featured in "Retail Operations Insights"

A common problem facing urban shopping centers is people often misuse their parking lots. Free parking at retail centers can present an irresistible temptation to people who live and work in surrounding businesses and neighborhoods where parking lots and garages charge an hourly rate. (read full article)

Technology Companies Work Together to Improve Parking at San Diego International Airport - By Kristin Phillips/September 2018
Featured in "Parking Today"

“Open IP is the future of parking software,” said Gorm Tuxen, president of IPsens. “The beauty of the open IP approach—beyond improving the operations of a single piece of equipment or technology suite—is that it encourages sharing among parking organizations and their technology gurus. Airports and other parking owners can explore, experiment, and share the results of those experiments to create innovative new ways to utilize different types of equipment.” (read full article)

Florida to Connect State Rest Areas for Highway Safety - By Skip Descant/July 20, 2018
FDOT Project Featured on ""

The Florida Department of Transportation is working to install sensors across the state's 68 rest areas to take the guesswork out of parking for tired truckers.

Truckers in Florida will no longer have to wonder whether a rest area has available parking spots before exiting the highway. Sensors are to be installed in parking spaces to alert them to empty spots in all of the state's 68 rest areas and truck stops, via a mobile app and signage along the highway. The upgrades, being done by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), are intended to improve safety by making it easier for truckers to leave the highway when they get tired or approach the end of state-mandated travel times. "Our best estimate is that 1,859 spaces across the state will be monitored with these spaces," said Gorm Tuxen, president of IPsens... (read full article)

Keeping Watch: How Maintenance Software Can Keep Parking Tech Running Smoothly - By Gorm Tuxen/July 2018
Featured in "Parking Today"

In recent years the parking industry has become incredibly technology-centric, and the performance of the technology upon which parking owners and operators have come to rely has become supremely important. Tools that seemed almost exotic just a few years ago - parking guidance sensors, advanced PARCS equipment, and frictionless parking suites, for instance - are common today. (read full article)

IPsens Brings Potentially Lifesaving Transportation Management Technology to South Florida - By Bill Smith/July 17, 2018
Featured on "Business Wire"

IPsens, a leading provider of cloud-based parking and transportation management solutions, announced today that its technology has been selected to manage the Florida Department of Transportation’s (FDOT) T-Pass program in South Florida. The program uses parking guidance sensors installed in truck stop and rest area parking spaces to monitor individual space are availability and communicate that information to truck drivers via roadside signage. (read full article)

How Technology has Transformed Parking - By Kristin Phillips/April 2018
Featured in "Parking Today"

The headline of an article recently published by The Outline declared: Americans are pretty ugly when parking their cars. The subhead read: The worst part of driving will never get better. The worst part of driving will never get better.  (read full article)

A New Role for Parking Guidance Sensors - By Kristin Phillips/January 2018
Featured in "Parking Today"

It may seem strange to think of parking guidance sensors as an "emerging technology" because they've become so well established throughout the parking industry. However, a handful of entrepreneurial parking technology experts are pushing the boundaries of parking guidance technology, finding new ways to use sensors. (read full article)

Indect USA Announces the Largest Installation of Wireless NEDAP Sensors in the USA at Assembly Row, Somerville MA. - November 15, 2017
Featured on "Parking Network"

INDECT USA, the parking industry’s leading provider of sensor-based parking guidance systems, has once again successfully collaborated with IPsens ( to provide a fully-integrated, wireless parking solution at Assembly Row. (read full article)

Solving Today’s Parking Challenges While Paving the Way for Tomorrow - By Gorm Tuxen/April 2017
Featured in"Parking Today"

There’s nothing new about parking sensors. As the central element of parking guidance systems, they’ve been the industry’s hottest technological tool for the past few years because of the significant customer service and management benefits they provide. And as the United States begins to develop the infrastructure needed to accommodate “connected” and self-driving vehicles, sensors will play an essential role. (read full article)

IPsens Partners with Current, Powered by GE to Build Comprehensive Intelligent Environments to Reduce Energy Use - By Bill Smith/November 17, 2016
Featured on "Business Wire"

IPsens announced today that it has partnered with Current, powered by GE (NYSE: GE) as part of Current’s partner ecosystem. Current, powered by GE is a digital startup that’s helping commercial and industrial customers optimize energy use and drive operational efficiency. (read full article)

Industry News - October 2015
Featured in "Parking Today"

"Indect USA, a leading provider of parking guidance technology, has joined the IPsens Data Alliance, an open-systems exchange offering a variety of “cloud-hosted” parking management solutions to owners and operators. The move is said to provide access to the industry’s best sensor-based parking guidance technology. Said Gorm Tuxen, President of IPsens LLC: “We are particularly pleased that Indect shares our vision for a more open sharing of data in the parking industry, giving customers more control over how they want to build their particular systems solutions.” (read full article)

Leading Provider of Parking Guidance Technology, Indect USA, Joins IPsens Data Alliance - By Bill Smith/June 29, 2015
Featured on "Business Wire"

IPsens announced today that INDECT USA has joined the IPsens Data Alliance, an open systems exchange offering a variety of Cloud-hosted parking management solutions to parking owners and operators. The addition of INDECT to the Data Alliance provides access to the industry’s best sensor-based parking guidance technology.

"We are very pleased to add INDECT to our growing list of Data Alliance partners," said... (read full article)

Mayor Bloomberg And Transportation Commissioner Sadik-khan Announce New Pilot Program To Pay Parking Meters Remotely And Launch Real-time Parking Availability Map - April 9, 2013
Featured on ""

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and New York City Department of Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan today announced the start of two pilot programs allowing motorists to pay parking meter remotely via smartphone apps and to view real-time curbside parking availability within the Belmont Business Improvement District in the Bronx. (read full article)

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